Saw this on punkisrael and thought I’d play along…

Four jobs that you have had in your life:
? Cashier/potato slab chef extradinaire at Circle N gas staton in Little Rock
? Youth minister at Third Street Baptist Church in Arkadelphia, AR; Tolar Baptist Church in Tolar, TX; First Baptist Church in Crossett, AR (over a summer); youth intern at First Baptist Church in Garland, TX (OK, so that’s more than one job, but the point was youth ministry)
? Owner/partner in AdVantage Advertising in Arkadelphia, AR
? Campus minister at the University of Arkansas at Monticello through the BCM

Four movies that you could watch over and over:
? Fletch
? Lord of the Rings trilogy
? Harry Potter movies
? Anything with an explosion

Four places that you’ve lived:
? Little Rock, AR
? Granbury, TX
? Garland, TX
? Baton Rouge, LA (when I knee high to a grasshopper)

Four TV shows you love to watch:
? Lost – I’m absolutely addicted.
? Smallville – Love it. Been catching up by renting back seasons through Netflix.
? Seinfeld
? American Idol – please don’t tell anyone… my wife got me hooked. Wouldn’t you love to be able to interact with people on a daily basis the way Simon does when he encounters a bad singer?

Four places you’ve been on vacation:
? New York City – not for the salsa
? San Antonio
? Arlington, TX
? Eureka Springs

Four of your favorite foods:
? Lasagna – as long as it’s before 5 p.m. Otherwise, pass the Pepcid.
? Any bowl of cereal
? Layne’s Steakhouse – half order of grilled chicken, fried shrimp on the side, parmasan peppercorn dressing and a cappucino… Wow. I’m drooling.
? Chinese buffet

Four sites I visit daily:
? (during fantasy football season)

Four Blogs I’m Following:
? punkisrael
? rj martino
? Jesus Creed
? tall skinny kiwi

Four Places on Mission I’ve Been for the Expansion of the Kingdom:
? China
? Dominican Republic
? Canada
? Ukraine

Four Places I’d Love to Go:
? Europe, especially Paris and London
? Ireland
? Rome
? Israel

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