Welcome Jeremy Woodall to Back 2 School Week! Jeremy and I have quite a bit of history together, beginning with Carolyn and me being youth camp sponsors for his church’s youth group when Jeremy was in the 7th grade. He was like a gerbil on steroids then. Now he’s a hamster on HGH…

Jeremy has so much life experience, having served as an Army Ranger in Afganistan before returning to Arkansas to serve with us at Journey Church in Monticello on our leadership team and as worship leader. He then served as an Assistant Director for Baptist Collegiate Ministry at UAM under Tracy Reed. He’s now serving at First Baptist Church of Star City, Arkansas as youth minister.

Our family is grateful for his and Becca’s friendship. He’s just one of those guys who is a constant encouragement. Oh, and he blogs at jeremywoodall.com.

And now… heeeeere’s Jeremy:

Journeyguy, thanks for the opportunity to guest blog for you this week! What an honor. College was a great time for me. I learned how to be a disciple of Jesus as well as being a disciple maker. I could go on all day about the things I learned in college but what about the things I didn’t learn? Well here is five things that I did not learn in college, for your reading pleasure 😉

  1. Patience. This is still something that I have yet to learn. It bothers me that I don’t seem to have it in me to be still, relax and enjoy life. I always seem to think things could and should be better. I am never satisfied. I believe this a major flaw of mine.
  2. How precious relationships are. I took many of my dear friends for granted and as a result I burned some bridges that I don’t believe that can ever be repaired. These people poured their lives into me as I did them. I wish I would have treated those relationships more carefully. Maybe they would still exist.
  3. Financial stewardship. This is one that I really wished I would have learned in college when I had more financial assistance. I wished I would have learned the importance of saving. I also wished I would have learned the difference in wants and in needs. Learning this as a college student can save you from a life full of financial hardships and bad decisions. Tithing is also something I would have learned the importance of.
  4. How to cook. I lived with my parents in college and partook of way to much fast food so cooking was not a thing that I did very much. This is a skill that I wish that I would have developed because I have had a crash course in my first year of marriage!
  5. How to study. I know eventually this will come back to haunt me. I got by in college with decent grades by barely trying. This is not a great way to approach life as well as school. I am starting seminary this fall and I am sure I have made it even harder on myself by not learning this skill.
My prayer for each new student going into college is that you seek a relationship with the Savior of the universe for the first time or to grow deeper in your pre-existing faith. I pray you have a great year! Study and serve well!

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