bloggers blockAfter an extremely busy…  It’s bad when you start to type “week” and back up realize that your busyness has extended waaaay beyond the previous seven days. So let’s say this year so far has been busy. I found myself this evening wanting to write a blog post but without anything in mind. Call it bloggers block.

I actually have three sites bookmarked for blog ideas:

The fact I have those bookmarked is sad.

So I thought I’d create my own list of how to begin writing from a point of complete creative constipation.

  1. Stare at the computer screen and then turn to social media. I tweeted out “Gimme a blog post idea. Go.” I really didn’t expect response, but Kevin Rossen got the win with his response: “7 ways to generate ideas for blog posts.” Sadly, I couldn’t come up with seven. So this tip is essentially: ask for suggestions from social media.
  2. Review your ideas file. This is either a great or a terrible suggestion. It’s terrible if you don’t have an “ideas file.” If not, then you’re back at square one. So let me encourage you to start an ideas file. Basically, you can go old-school and have an actual file folder where you drop moments of inspired thought (a Post-It note or scribbled on a napkin) or you can go app-y and create a folder in Evernote or whatever app you use, label it Ideas, and do the same.
  3. Whatever I’ve laughed at lately tends to be great fodder for blog entries. So think for a few moments… what have you laughed at lately, and why? I’ve chuckled recently in line at Taco Bell when I ordered a burrito, anticipating a response from the person on the other end that went something like “Is that all ma’am?” since my voice is apparently identical to women who frequent drive-thrus. I’ve laughed when I allowed my wife and daughter to pick out new Sperry’s that look like something Gilligan would wear. I gave in, bought them and wore them to our staff retreat this week. Of course, the person that first commented was one of our staff guys who we constantly tease about his frat fashion sense. He actually said, “Ooooo. Nice Sperry’s dude. Those shoes are very fratty.” Blog about what you’ve laughed at.
  4. Here’s a softball lob that you probably won’t swing at. Blog about a social issue that you actually have an opinion on. Suck it up and tell us what you think. The unfortunate reality is that our culture is one of fear, and today if you disagree with the Shapers of Approved Thought, you are ridiculed. Don’t let your opinion – whether countercultural or status quo – go unheard simply because you’re afraid of offending someone. One of my most shared posts was my opinion about Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty fame) and what he said about homosexuality: The Flap about Phil – Duck Dynasty and its future with A&E
  5. I had each of these!

    I used to play with dolls. At least that’s what my sister would claim. In actuality, they were action figures. I had dozens of the 8″ Super Hero ones. I still regret getting rid of them. My sis had a huge Barbie camper which I would confiscate for adventures with the Marvel and DC characters I owned. It was amazing to roll that huge camper down our stairs and then enjoy an hour or so of rescue. Did you read through that paragraph? Thought so. It’s an easy entry to blog about something you used to play with as a kid.

My only other social media suggestion came from Wicked Taco (a local restaurant) who simply said, “Tacos.” Does it count that I mentioned Taco Bell even though I ordered a burrito?

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