Shane tagged me on his blog for this meme.  I’m supposed to list seven random or weird facts about myself and then tag seven other people.  I did this meme a while back, but after reviewing it, I realized that I’d been a little out of sorts on that particular post. So… here goes:

  1. I drove a pink Cadillac during the summer of my sophomore year in college.
  2. I was so skinny in high school my “friends” started a “USA for Jeff” campaign.
  3. I once played a saxophone duet with then-Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton. On stage. With live television coverage…. Ok, that’s a complete lie, but I was struggling at #3.
  4. Juices flowing again, I used to drink Isomil with my cereal well into my teen years since I was allergic to milk.
  5. I think I’d like to run for political office one day.
  6. My first wreck was a 4-car slide up on Rodney Parham Road just in front of Pulaski Academy in high school. Thin layer of ice on the ground. Chris Franzetti was in the car with me. We both said, “Uh-oh,” before we ran into the car in front of us, who’d run into the car in front of him. Then we were hit from behind.
  7. I was chained to a railing in the courtyard of the freshman girl’s dorm at Ouachita during a serenade by my social club. I had mistakenly announced a crush on Michelle Utley. My “brothers” kindly arranged for her to come down and paint my face with makeup while I was locked up. On top of that, I never got a date with her.

Ok, for my seven folks: Shane (he’s down now but will soon be back up), AJ, Michael, TJ (his blog may be dead, but you can email him here and beg him to post again because he’s stinking funny when he does), another TJ, Richard, Andy, and the Vallances.

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