I am a starving writer. OK, I’m a writer. I just got back from Baskin Robbins demolishing a double dip mint chocolate chip waffle cone.

Anyway, others are doing it, so I figure, why not? It’s called a “blook.” It’s a blog/book. It’s an opportunity for writers to unveil projects they’ve done or are working on and get input from their massive bloggin audience. In my case, I just want feedback from the two of you.

I’ve got several manuscripts/books/projects that I’ve done over the last few years and am just looking for that opportunity to submit them to a publisher. In the meantime, I want to know if any of you are interested in reading a blook, a chapter at a time, here, at Notes from the Trail?

The one I’d want to share with you first is a little different. It’s targeted at preteens/young adults. It’s basically a story about growing up/adolescence with some adventure/mystery/shenanigans thrown in. It’s called “Small Pebble.” Comment here if you would like to see the first chapter.

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