In an article on “the ooze” entitled Sacred Idolatry, James Shelley makes some insightful points through his use of creative narrative about many evangelicals’ tendency to become bibliolatrists. Read it here.

Matt Parker, was the first to point out Shelley’s article to me. Here was my response to Matt… What do you think?

Pretty powerful. A definite corrective for bibliolatry. Yet, he may go to an extreme because if in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… shouldn’t we cherish His thoughts and revelation? All Scripture is “theopnuestos” – God-breathed…

I agree wholeheartedly that Scripture reveals someone greater than it. Yet it is also mystical, mysterious, powerful, and transforming. From the beginning of its inception, Israel was commanded to obey. What would there be to obey except that which had been revealed?

Romans 1 speaks of those who have not any revelation and seems to indicate that they are responsible for the information that they have – for the things of God the Creator are “evident” to them… But we DO have God’s Word and are accountable to its revelation of God. God CHOSE to reveal Himself in the flesh and through the page.

If we cast off the authority of God’s Word in search of a subjective Creator, we may just “ooze” into a common kharma…

Those are my thoughts….

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