For guys like me who are computer jockies, really hard work is rather inconsistent. Most of the rest of you do your best to avoid it as well. However, since Monday, I’ve been putting in anywhere from 5-8 hours of work up at the new Journey location, and as I prepare to head back this a.m. (for our 10:00 workday), I marvel at the sheer joy of quietly drinking a cup of coffee.

Blog reading and blogging have fallen by the wayside all work as I’ve joined a ton of the hardest-working, (and laughing-est) people I know to work side by side on a project that will enhance our church’s ability to minister to our community in wonderful ways. One of the more special things that we’ve seen take place this past week are the friends we have (or just met) who have joined us with mud knife or hammer in hand to help us work. Friends that have been reading our blogs, friends that go to other churches, and even friends who have resources for us and have given them to us freely.

The story of the Journey renovations is not one of sheer human effort. It’s a story of the magnitude of God’s love and grace. I’ve seen it in simplicity and in complexity. The mounting expectation of God’s continued work in us and through us is palpable. While the facility will be a unique and wonderful tool for us, I see it as more of a beachhead. It’s a place from which we’ll minister and bring others in to equip for ministry. However, the bulk of our ministry will continue to take place in homes, schools, work places, and ball fields.

Irresistible Revolution…

Alternating between wanting to throw it against the wall and taking copious notes out of it, I’ve found Shane Claiborne’s book to be nothing but perspective-challenging. I guarantee it will offend Bible Belt Christians. Praise God.

Get ready for a review of it here soon.

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