We left from Little Rock yesterday around 11 a.m., and we arrived in Anchorage last night around 11:00 p.m. (our time, 8:00 a.m. AK time). Our layovers were about an hour in both places, Memphis and Minneapolis.

However, the travel here was a little frustrating. For one, just about every battery on all our gadgets was dead or dying by the time we were halfway to Anchorage from Minneapolis. This prompted Sam (whose iPod Touch has miserable battery life) to keep saying, “Dad, can I have your iPhone? Huh? Huh? Dad… can I have your iPhone?” My negative replies were selfish. I wanted to watch a movie on my iPhone and was conserving juice for just the right time.

Then Adelyn started in. “Dad, I’m bored. What can I do?” 

“Watch the clouds,” I said.

“No. I’m boooooooored.”

“Well, don’t get splinters,” I responded sympathetically.

Touchdown in Alaska could not come too soon, I thought. Add to that my need to find a real bathroom, and it was rather a long trip.

“OK, I’ll check the time again. I’ve read two more chapters, and I bet we’ve only got an hour left,” I thought multiple times. Only to discover… 4 more hours. Aaaah.

Mike and the girls were waiting at the airport, and the fun and joy of friendship began in person!

We’re so excited to be here.

The light failed quickly upon our arrival last night, but not before we took in the stunning and majestic mountain views that surround the capital city. We eagerly looked for moose and Palins on the short drive to Wasilla but saw none.

Today, I woke at the crack of dark… I’m still on AR time, not AK. It was 5:00 a.m. here when I started wondering how many times my kids were going to pelt me with snowballs today before I unleash the maelstrom of retribution.

Caro is actually taking pictures today of four different customers and five more tomorrow! Kristy was incredible to line up folks, so it’s a working weekend for her. Maybe she’ll make enough to pay for the trip! How blessed would that be?!

I wanted to blog early here for all of you on non-AK time. Everyone is stirring now except Adelyn. Mike is already off to work. Coffee is made, and the sun is rising to reveal snow-capped mountains in the distance. 

A man I sat next to on the plane to Anchorage has worked and traveled extensively throughout AK for 30 years. He was as mesmerized by the beauty of the peaks from the plane as I was. 

“Do you ever get used to it?” I asked.

“Never,” he said. “This kind of beauty is something you just can’t take for granted.”

In that one statement, I found a stunning and exciting prelude to our time here. Not only for our own enjoyment, but for our spiritual lives… How I long to relate with Christ in a way that I’m so daily stunned by His majesty that I just can’t take Him for granted.

May your day be freshly beautiful to you where you are as well. For His mercy is new every morning – whether natural beauty aids your realization or not. 

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