This is the second entry of Phillip Slaughter’s guest series about his faith journey this year. He originally wrote it to family and friends on his Facebook page, and he gave me permission to share it. Anytime I see friends on a faith journey, I am both intrigued and inspired. I think you will be too, as he shares. I invite you to pray with me for Phillip and Rosie, as they are still on their journey.

August 4, 2016

A pic from when I was campus minister at UAM. That’s Phillip looking adoringly at me…

Many of you have been asking about where we are in the process of finding a church for me to pastor. The search continues. In May, God gave me two strong desires:

  1. To pastor a church again
  2. To spend more time with my family.

Rosie and I knew at that point that the right thing for us to do was to step out in faith and announce my resignation (effective 8/31) so ABSC could find my replacement for the upcoming school year. We knew this decision meant sacrificing our income and it would probably mean uprooting our family shortly after John Michael starts kindergarten (8/15). Nevertheless, we want to be people who live out our faith and not just people who talk/preach about faith. Most importantly we wanted to obey God’s call to obedience because of our love for him. Therefore, we took the leap.

This summer has been incredible. I have worked many hours preparing the BCM for the next campus minister. I have also spent lots of time with my family. It has been one of the best summers of my life. We have experienced the presence of God many times. We have prayed for seemingly impossible (very specific) things only to have those prayers answered within 24 hours. We have talked to many incredible churches. A few churches felt that we might not be the best fit, we felt the same about other churches, and we are still in communication with other churches.

It has been humbling that so many great churches have shown interest in us, but the most humbling thing has been all my friends from many different states asking for my résumé in order to submit it to churches. I cannot express the joy that has come from this display of respect and affection.

However, we still do not know our next destination. It seems every time we determine to stop considering a church or a church stops considering us we receive two more calls from other churches. We are trying not to be impatient, but we have moments of weakness. God will make his will clear enough for us to pursue it one day, but for now obedience means remaining faithful where we are. Please, pray for us in this process. I want to find a place that excites us to go there as much as Jennie Baptist Church and ABSC/BCM excited us. God is good. We will follow him wherever he wants.

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