Yesterday, we received news that sent my invalid wife into ecstatic outbursts of “Ya’ll jump and down for me!” The surgical biopsy that was done on Friday revealed NO sign of lymphoma or Hodgkin’s. We are so very grateful and encouraged by this most recent evidence of God’s gracious activity on our behalf.

The standard line around our house since Saturday has been a quietly urged, through a pained-grin expression, “Don’t make me laugh.” Carolyn has been incredibly sore and in quite a bit of pain as she heals from the surgery. Unfortunately, our house is not one full of stoics. Rather, everyone in our house (perhaps with the exception of Carolyn) is a budding comedian. That has produced some gut-wrenching laughter from the rest of us and painful outbursts from Carolyn.

It was particularly awkward over the weekend when Sam found out the cat’s ears can be folded to the side of her head. She looks pretty funny like this, and he took great delight in folding them back in the presence of his mother and the protests of Adelyn.

Carolyn’s mom has been with us since Friday, and she’s been non-stop the entire time. She was even up in the attic over the weekend, as she worked to clean out our clothes closets and bag everything up to take to Goodwill. Our back porch is literally covered with trash bags. We’re so grateful for her ministry to us during this time. I was a little concerned upon discovering that my closet alone had filled 4 trashbags. “You didn’t throw away my comfortable clothes, did you?” I asked despondently. She just grinned.

In addition, our friends and church family have brought by some wonderful meals that we’re deeply appreciative for.

At this point, we are very grateful for some closure to this not-knowing stage of Carolyn’s health. The next step is to begin chemo treatments for the breast cancer. We’ll update you here when we find out what that will entail more specifically.

In the meantime, we’ve gotten pretty spoiled by your heartfelt and intentional intercession. Would you mind keeping us on your prayer lists for a while longer? We need continued healing, wisdom, provision, and constant grace. And we’d be overjoyed to have the privilege of lifting you up as well. Drop me an email or tweet if you are in need of intercession as well.

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