After a long day of ministry and deeply moving and biblical messages today, you’d have thought Landon Dowden and David Platt would have not been open to a visit after Tuesday evening’s worship service at Glorieta. However, after simply asking Landon if they’d be willing to let me pick their brains for a while, I discovered that these two dynamic speakers are ready for anything.

We talked this evening about how to stir God’s people toward missions, the imperative of making disciples, and how to best be an influence in a denomination that at times can be extremely frustrating. (What large organization isn’t, I suppose.)

One thing I came away with from our conversation tonight is that a new generation of leaders is emerging. We’ll be hearing these guys’ names for a long time as they disciple and mobilize Christ-followers for missions.

Platt’s message Tuesday night was deeply moving. He called the thousand-strong audience to prayer at its conclusion, and even after a long time of prayer, there was still just a holy hush over the auditorium. I’ll try to post some notes on it tomorrow.

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