It has been pointed out to me that the use of LERG in referring to proponents of our city’s one cent sales tax which will be voted on August 14 is discriminatory. I used the term that another local blogger came up with like he did – tongue in cheek, intending it (like I think its originator meant) to be a source of humor and light-heartedness. It was not taken that way by some.

While I’ve only had two conversations with people who were bothered by it, I wanted to offer an apology to any who were offended. I didn’t mean to offend. It was also pointed out to me that there are many dynamic women leaders who support the sales tax initiative, and that’s why it was discriminatory. Again, my apologies, ladies.

I must say that I’ve been surprised at the response that local bloggers’ articles about their opposition to the sales tax have received. Some have been asked to quit blogging about it; I’ve been told that I do not have the best interests of our city at heart and that I’ve been negative.

I didn’t feel like I was being negative, but rather engaging in an exchange of ideas regarding the future of our community, which I love and whose people have consistently demonstrated unswerving commitment to the common good (consider community responses to house fires, illnesses, injured police officers, hurricane relief, baseball tournaments, etc.). We live in a great community!

It is disappointing to hear that because I care deeply about our community and its people, yet think differently about an issue like a tax that I don’t care about the community and therefore am negative.

I have yet to hear compelling reasons why I should vote for this sales tax. I invite comments here to that end. I also invite any and all to share here what they think about the upcoming sales tax. Perhaps someone will be encouraged to vote, one way or the other. That’s what we want, isn’t it? A great voter turnout on August 14? In that way, we’ll know that the results are truly the will and desire of the great community we live in.

One other thing… if the sales tax passes, that’s perfectly fine with me. I am not anti-tax. I am simply pro-planning. I hope that our city and county leaders will sit down shortly after the vote, whichever way it goes, and begin extensive, visionary, cooperative planning for the benefit of everyone in our great community.

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