Monday was a relief. We did relatively nothing. No long road trips. No snow machine excursions. No polar bear plunge. (I keep seeing this glint in Mike’s eye, and so I’ve been wary outside when I’m around him.) No sledding. Nothing special planned. It was wonderful.

monday1Monday was our first opportunity to just be with the Hales here in Alaska. We’ve been blowing and going as the weather’s been snowing, and it was refreshing to just stay put. Actually, Mike and Sam and I ran into town for a coffee shop stop, a haircut, to fix a tire we had to change, ate at DQ and then ran by Gamestop to get another Xbox controller. (Some things take priority.)

Upon our return, the women claimed “they needed to run to town” as well. They were gone for 12 hours… or 4. But it felt like a long time. While they were gone, the kids and the menfolk decided to re-stage the taking of the beach at Normandy. We built snow forts and then had a massive snowball fight out in the yard. 

By the time we wore ourselves out, I was sweating profusely and wondering when the last time was that I had such innocent, silly fun. Of course, you may not call it innocent that I was trying to knock the teeth out of two little girls and a good friend with frozen missiles. All in good fun.

monday4We laughed ourselves silly, and Carolyn and Kristy returned in time to see us all red-faced and catch a glimpse of our maximum security fortresses. 

Soon, supper was under our belts, and the sun was finally down around 9:00 p.m. We got the kids in bed shortly and for the first time, had a great, deep, refreshing visit about calling, mission, family, friends, highs and lows. Kristy has a great synopsis of our visit last night on her blog. There’s just nothing quite like heartfelt talks with friends of the heart.


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