We got another “call” today. For those who have been through cancer treatments, you know what that is. In the time between a surgical procedure or biopsy, there’s a day or so of simple waiting as the doctor/oncologist examines and determines what it is we’re dealing with. Carolyn’s breast oncologist’s office called this a.m., and informed her that what was removed on Wednesday is breast cancer. More specifically, it’s ductal carcinoma in situ (or DCIS) DCIS refers to the most common type of noninvasive breast cancer in women. In situ, or “in place,” describes a cancer that has not moved out of the area of the body where it originally developed. (Source)

For those of you just stopping in, this is not just another chapter in our story. At this point, it feels like we’re past sequels. We’re now writing complementary series. It’s like a superhero story with the son of Spiderman. Or something like that.

It’s just been a long journey with this cancer stuff that began back in 1990 with Hodgkin’s Disease (with 3 recurrences) and then cleverly morphed to radiation-induced breast cancer in the winter of 2008-2009. Now it’s DCIS.

We’re writing this as a way to inform, and so there’s not much reflection to this entry, simply because it’s fresh news for us too. However, as we prayed together here in Little Rock, we both acknowledged that what we’re now presented with is simply another opportunity to trust our God. His character is not in question. We’re confident of the love of Christ. After all, the scriptures confidently assert that nothing can separate us from His love (Romans 8:38-39).

So we invite you into this next stage of growth, trust, and dependence with us. We’re humbly asking you for supporting and sustaining prayer. We have learned from the past how much encouragement is provided through the prayer and intercession of the body of Christ.

We’ll keep you informed as you keep us lifted up. Pray for Carolyn’s thought life, that she’ll be able to set her mind on things above. Pray for me that I’ll be a good helper and provide necessary comic relief (even more than usual). Pray for Sam and Adelyn that they’ll learn how much God can be trusted and how much He loves His people. Pray that we will all discover afresh that trusting in God is life’s greatest joy – regardless of circumstances.

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