I’ll admit that I track my blog’s statistics regularly. I enjoy seeing where folks are coming from, and what they consistently read. Particularly, I tend to check the “exit page” which is the last click before they exit my blog.

The above image may look like mumbo-jumbo to you, but it tells me several things.

  • The visitor was from Reno, NV.
  • The visitor was a first-timer to Notes from the Trail.
  • They found my blog from a Google search for “Together vs Yojimbo.” These are two productivity apps that I had happened to review a while back
  • The visitor spent 7 minutes and 5 seconds on my blog.
  • The exit page (or last page they read) was a blog entry about having a love relationship with God.

Consider the stunning implications of that… A visitor was simply Googling for information about productivity applications on the Mac, found my blog on Google and ended up reading an entry I wrote about falling in love with our Creator…

And that, my friends, is why I really enjoy writing about all kinds of things – from technology to cereal to cancer to Christ. You just never know what may lead someone to the real stuff behind the fluff.

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