The past two days have been a swirl of activity around the Noble household – well, actually all week. We’re exhausted.

Carolyn has taken dance and gymnastic pictures every day this week as well as working her new daily job at the Gift Shaker (which she loves). I was out Monday-Tuesday at the Arkansas Baptist State Convention and spent Wednesday playing catchup before our small group that evening. (The Jameses came, and we had a great prayer time and started studying 2 Timothy).

Thursday started early with JILT (Journey Intensive Leader Training), and then Caro and I went to Adelyn’s Honor Assembly. I ate lunch with Jeremy and Becca and then spent the afternoon doing some design stuff and church work. 

On Friday, I took the kids to school and headed out into the woods with Tim Chase to help him get his deer stand finished. He has graciously been taking Sam out to hunt (since I have no hunting genes or jeans). Had lunch with TJ and Caro at Pizza Hut and then began getting stuff together for the second Rummage Sale this month at Journey. Our great friends from Arkadelphia, Mitch and Meg Bettis came in for the weekend, and we had dinner over at Trey and Kathy Berry’s house.

During the evening, Mitch and I called our old secretary from AdVantage Advertising. She’s really quite young… same age as us. Of course, Mitch pointed out that she was also a former girlfriend of mine and then suggested we start calling former girlfriends. I thought that our phones wouldn’t have that much battery life in them. Paige and Brian have recently moved to the Atlanta area, and it turns out are faithful Notes from the Trail lurkers, so now they’ve been outed.

My mom had given me a Batman cape and mask, and the plan originally was to take the kids trick-or-treating on the Batmoped, but that didn’t happen. Caro and Paula Atwell took all the kids (and it was a herd) to get their annual allotment of dentist promotional materials. 

Today started early with the Rummage Sale. Thank goodness the Jameses, AJ Huffman, Stephanie Fearer and others were on hand to help. There was a steady trickle of customers, but we still have a ton of junk. We’ll be passing it all on to some lucky new owners in the next few days, but we were able to raise a few hundred dollars between last week and this week for the ministry fund. After cleaning things up and getting the church straightened for tomorrow, we headed to lunch.

I was able to snatch about a two hour nap this afternoon before heading out to Clayton and Mandy Moss’ house for the 3rd annual Journy Fall Festibration. It was a LOT of fun, with a zip line, Ewok Village, food, football and smores fire. I left early this evening to come home and wait for Sam to make it back from his hunt. (Today was Youth Hunt Day). Tim had taken him out. Carolyn and Adelyn are in Little Rock for the Nutcracker practice, in which Adelyn has a part for the second year in a row. They’ll be back late tonight.

That’s the way the week went… more or less.

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