ledger.jpgI love what Andy White is up to these days (even if he doesn’t). I told him in a recent comment on his site that if he’s not careful, he may find himself on my list of modern day faith heroes. Why? Because he is following the Lord in daily trust, seeking to take steps – some broad, some small – toward the calling he believes that the Lord has placed on his life.

I empathize with him so much, and we’ve exchanged several email thoughts – I think just trying to comfort one another on this uncomfortable journey of faith. The thing about it is that while it’s depressing/aggravating to our expectations at times, it’s a deeply meaningful and soul-satisfying way to live. Jesus is real. He is alive and active. He is not tapping His foot up in heaven to some ethereal choir. He is sitting on the edge of His throne urging His people to cast all their cares upon Him as He directs the path of those whose heart is fully devoted to Him.

Life may not be easy with Christ. There will be sudden storms as we ride in the same boat with Him. However, our destination is secure, and our life can be completely abundant – even in the middle of scarcity.

I urge you today to consider placing your life, completely in faith, in the hands of Jesus Christ. Ask Him to prove His reality to you. Then step back and watch patiently as He invites you to center stage. It will be the production of a lifetime. Who knows what your role will be?

Some of you may find yourself behind a ledger, for a while.

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