Me, outside the Apple Store in NashvilleIt’s a known and documented fact that Apple’s customer service continues to outstrip and distance itself from any other computer maker or technology company. Consumer Reports consistently ranks Apple as #1 in customer care.

I’ve had moy own experiences with its radical approach to taking care of its folks. Of course, I know there are folks out there who have had bad experiences; I’m just not one of them. Apple has made good – and oftimes, more than good – on every problem I’ve encountered.

Here are three examples:

  1. I purchased Applecare on my iMac 20″ Intel Core Duo and about 11 months after I had the unit (I bought it used off of Ebay), the DVD drive starting acting funny. It would burn inconsistently and give me error messages. So, I did what every Apple-loving person in his right mind would do… 1-800-SOS-APPLE. Yep, that’s the real number.
    After a quick diagnostic series of tests, the tech on the phone announced it was hardware related. “I see you have Applecare on this unit. Where is the closest Apple Store or licensed repair center?” I told him Little Rock and that it was an hour and a half drive. “I see… Well, let’s schedule a technician’s visit….” After a long pause, he said, “Is tomorrow at 2:00 ok?”
    Literally, I had a repair guy come to my house here in rural South Arkansas and replace my DVD drive in less than 15 minutes the next day!
  2. My iPhone wouldn’t get loud enough. I called Apple and said I was having troubles hearing it. They asked if I’d turned up the volume… After being slightly peeved about that question, I said that of course, I knew where the volume was. After a few more questions, they said, “We’ll have you a replacement unit in the mail today. You should get it tomorrow.” I shipped my iPhone back in teh provided box and got it back the same week – all the while being able to use a replacement phone (which because of Apple’s sync technology became “my phone” simply by plugging it in: my photos, contacts, calendars… all synced effortlessly to the new phone).
    Incidentally, I got a note back with my phone saying that nothing could be found wrong with the phone. In consternation, I did a quick Google search about iPhone volume only to discover that I had accidentally enabled “Volume Limit” in my Settings! Doh! As soon as I raised the Volume Limit (presumably put there so that idiots won’t blow out their eardrums), I could make the iPhone as loud as I wanted…
    Chalk this  great experience of Apple’s CS up to to “idiot user syndrome.”
  3. Finally, just today, I called to see where my iPhone case was. I had ordered it two weeks ago, and the last time I checked, it was supposed to have arrived last week. When today’s mail came and still no case, I called Apple. I was surprised to learn that the order had been cancelled… something about the manufacturer. However, I was never notified. Apple’s solution? They graciously offered – even without a complaint – to overnight me a comparable case, free of charge!

You go, Apple!

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