This is a normal conversation around my house…

At lunch today, I read a tweet out loud to Carolyn that said:

“Did you know an apple wakes you up more than coffee? It’s because you’re suddenly forced to remember how terrible fruit is.”

She responded with, “It’s true.”

“What’s true?” I asked.

“The thing about the apple…” she said distractedly. She was watching Say Yes to the Dress at the time, so I wasn’t sure she’d actually heard me.

“How do you know it’s true?” I said, incredulous.

“Because I’ve heard that before,” she replied emphatically.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “You’ve heard it before, so that makes it true?!” I pursued. I walked over and stood between her and the TV to make sure she was actually talking to me.

“Yes,” she said. She glared and waved her hand imperially at me. The instructions were clear. Move from in front of the TV or get an apple where it will for sure wake me up.

I walked away. But I don’t believe it.

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