After my earlier post about the VT 2014 football promo, I didn’t want to leave my beleaguered Razorbacks out of the picture. They didn’t have a great season last year. In fact, it was the worst. They didn’t win a conference game. That doesn’t bode well for first-time-SEC-former-Big-10 coach Bret Bielema.

However, I loved his underdog speech he gave this past year.

That is what a dream is all about. But the fact of the matter is, in life, a lot of people don’t cheer for the favorite. They pull for the underdog. And right now, we might be that guy – however we got there, whatever it is. Now, you know what? I’m going to love being in front of you some day talking about being a favorite, but right now, we’re going to embrace being the underdog. We’re going to throw two arms around it; we’re going to kiss it, and make it feel good. Now, we can’t accept it, but we’ve got to move forward and understand where we’re at.

Here’s another fan-made (Golinator14) video  for the Hogs:

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