OK, this time it was KT who is the culprit, but the tag is “8 Random Facts about my marriage.” Caro is sure to get queasy as soon as she sees I’ve done this. 😉 Before we start, I tag Andy White, Dawn Reed and Matt Parker. (don’t know if either of them read this, so you may have to call them out.) 

  • We met at Ouachita; she was a freshman ; I was a senior.
  • She swore she’d never date “Jeff Noble” (said as if it was a disgusting, nasty concept)
  • She also swore she’d never marry a preacher (I was a graphic designer at the time.)
  • One of our marriage and relational values is “real and honest.”
  • She’s had cancer three times, and I’ve had… uh, male pattern baldness.
  • Our first house we lived in was in Garland, TX, and it was an incredible townhouse, complete with a hot tub on the back deck. We house-sitted for an amazing family who lived in Barstow, CA for their job. I managed to break a few things while we lived there for a year.
  • We rarely “fight,” mainly because I hate to lose.
  • I am the dishwasher, trash-emptier, yard-mower, vacuumer and tub scrubber of the house. I actually like cleaning. If only Apple would release a vacuum that has a mouse…


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