Boy, was I excited when I saw in my Bloglines window that Andy had two new posts over a Imagine my surprise to discover one of them was about me and Notes, as well as I felt like I’d walked unawares into a party, preparing to observe and interact with friends, only to discover that I was the reason for the party. How cool is that?!

I’ve already mentioned just how much I’ve enjoyed his writing here, but if you still haven’t stopped by, please look over there while I sneakily tape a “Kick Me” sign on your back. Perhaps the bruising will remind you to stop by.

And Andy, thanks… really.

Down another trail…
Consider this quote from Richard Pool over at The View from Here:

I’ve always found holiness to rather like a bar of soap in the shower. The more tightly you try to grip it, the more likely it is to slip out of your hand. Sometimes it seems that the more you try to define holiness, the more it eludes you and you drift towards legalism as a solution.

On this day...

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