I was in Pasadena earlier this year for the Perspectives conference (awesome experience!), and while there Phillip and I went to Hollywood. It was my first time on the west coast, so I figured, let’s see something worth seeing…

I was struck by how trashy Holly Boulevard is.. We saw the Capitol Records building, the Hollywood sign, the Chinese Theater and a few other landmarks, but interspersed throughout this strip of American pop culture and history were lewd bookstands, storefronts, and adult video stores. I just wasn’t prepared. You see, I LOVE movies. I do the Netflix thing since our local Movie Gallery charges like $17 per movie rental (though it’s only $5, it’s still ridiculous!). So I may watch a coupla movies a week.

So I was excited about seeing Hollywood. I guess its rundown and less than glamorous condition is really indicative of all us. We all pretend to be more than we are, presenting our best sides, hiding the real us. I took this picture of two jokers dressed up as my favorite comic characters…Dsc02403

I realized how much their masquerade resembles our own. So many people spend their entire life working desperately to keep their real identity hidden. They’re fearful that we might like the “real them.” But just the opposite is true. There’s no need to dress up, conceal, or keep yourself hidden. We all are refreshed by those few authentic people in our lives. People who can laugh at themselves, let it all hang out, and simply enjoy LIFE without a manic need to be someone they’re not. THOSE are the kind of people that are the real heroes. No costumes needed.

Be you today. Enjoy being the persont that God made you to be. And if you haven’t yet discovered your real God-given identity, investigate the words of Jesus Christ – the ultimate “real” person. He said, “I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” (John 10.10)

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