Our church was thrilled and blessed to be able to host the Glory in the Highest Concert in December. Thanks to Legacy campus ministry, we were able to use Burruss Auditorium at VT. It featured Shane & Shane, Phil Wickham and Bethany Dillon.

They were all incredible, and we were amazed at the turnout and how encouraging the response was.

Our worship leader posted the following YouTube video today of a remix he did of Phil Wickham’s song “Beautiful.” I half expected to find Cody telling knock-knock jokes or something when I clicked on the link. However, I was impressed. You watch and tell me what you think:

Just in the past six months, it’s been amazing how the Lord has knitted together an incredible team of like-minded servants in Northstar Church to not only work together for God’s glory but to deeply enjoy one another’s company.

I’m grateful for how God has worked to lead us to Virginia, and I just had to brag on Cody in particular with this post. He’s an amazingly talented, humble, fun, and reflective young man. He and his better half, LaRae just bought their first house. Carolyn and I are celebrating the implications of that purchase as being they truly sense the Lord leading them to continue their ministry among the people of Northstar and the Burgs.

We’re all very fortunate and blessed to have someone who has such talent and a teachable spirit working among us.

Each and every Sunday, the worship service at our church is conducted in a way that inspires heartfelt worship of Christ. If you’ve not had the opportunity to join us yet, I’d encourage you to do so. The preaching is just so-so… 😉

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