What’s the best book on the cross you’ve ever read?

Tim says that his is Frederick Leahy’s The Cross He Bore; however, in a recent entry, he reviews R.C. Sproul’s new book called The Truth of the Cross. He says that it is a short, highly readable but dense book that when combined with the other book…

could be read together every year and would undoubtedly bring great blessing with each reading. It is good to remember the cross and to come to a greater understanding of what it means and why it matters.

He quotes Sproul as saying, “I doubt there has been a period in the two thousand years of Christian history when the significance, the centrality, and even the necessity of the cross have been more controversial than now. … Never before in Christian history has the need for an atonement been as widely challenged as it is today… If we are defective in understanding the character of God or understanding the nature of sin, it is inevitable that we will come to the conclusion that the atonement was not necessary.”

If you haven’t read a book about the cross of Jesus Christ, this just may be the time to wade in. So here’s a reading assignment for us all… anyone interested in getting the book and reading it together as an online book discussion?

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