It’s a really strange feeling to wake up in a hotel and realize that you literally have no home to go to. With all our belongings in transit on an 18-wheeler, all we have at present is what we packed into our vehicle. It’s liberating in a sense.

We woke up a little chilly from the AC blowing all night in our comfy room. We scarfed down pancakes at Cracker Barrel before leaving Jackson, Tennessee. Yet, while we’ve left one home and are anxious to establish a new one in Blacksburg, the in-transit-ness of our life at this moment is truly freeing. It also reminds me profoundly to enjoy simplicity.

We’ve stopped tonight in Knoxville, and tomorrow will end this small parenthesis of homelessness. These few hours of being “in-between” have been blessed. As the movers arrive and the chaos unpacks, I imagine the next several days will be a whirlwind.

But tonight as the family is lying in bed, with another cold AC blowing, we are… at rest. Thanks for your prayers that have made us so.

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