I mentioned last week that many of the “fact”-checking sites are proving more and more to be exceptionally biased in which facts they report (or don’t report). Senior Research Fellow at the University of Maryland John Lott has written an excellent article on this all-out effort by the MSM (main stream media) and supposedly objective “fact” check sites to skew their selection and interpretation of election year data to favor the Democratic ticket.

In addition to that is the stunning and willful refusal of the MSM to report the impact and message of McCain’s huge speech on the economy yesterday in New Mexico. Constantly criticized (even by me) for not outlining more vigorously his ticket’s economic plans, McCain is ignored and slighted when he does do so. This article shows that even what was reported intentionally omitted the most significant part of his speech which focused on the economy.

Going back to Lott, he said in his article:

Where is the outrage over Biden not understanding what vice presidents do? For Biden, his inability to correctly say what vice presidents do was surely his “gotcha” moment.

Yet, this mistake during the debate was hardly unique. Biden got a lot of things wrong in the debate that are going unnoticed by the fact-check media. Take just a few:

Lott goes on the name several instances. This coincides with another piece (“Biden mangles the Constitution”) written last week about Biden’s inept interpretation (and apparent ignorance) of the Constitution’s description of the role of the vice president. While chiding Palin about Cheney being the “worst VP in history,” aspiring VP Biden obviously doesn’t even know what his own job description will be. 

To be fair, he admitted during the debate that should he ever assume the highest office in the land, it would be “a national tragedy of historic proportions…” (Yes, I know that’s out of context, but it’s still funny).

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