Shandra over at her blog (which I found through Jill’s blog) had a funny self-confession of being a blog “lurker.” She says this…

I totally admit that I am a blog lurker/stalker…whatever you want to call it. I can’t believe how many old Tech people have blogs! I would comment on some of them, but don’t want to make a fool out of myself when they don’t remember me. 🙂 It’s really neat to see everyone and hear what’s been going on in their lives tho!! So, come on, admit it….are you a lurker too???

I think there are a TON of blog lurkers oout there! I’m seeing my blog stats rise every day, but have very few comments! So here’s the deal… if you’re lurking, just post a quick self-confession on the comments here!Lurking

I think there are a lot of blog readers who don’t realize that blogs are made more fun when they comment on the entries they like/hate. The ongoing dialogue is fun and actually helps a blog be more visited, as well as gives the blog author some feedback…

So if you haven’t been in the habit of commenting on blog entries… get there. You lurker, you!

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