My wife’s Emac is dying, or at least the hard drive is… We’ve sold it on Ebay and bought a replacement, but today I came home to do some design work, and she had “discovered” my G5 Powermac. We have a detached studio from our house where I office and do my graphic design and she takes pictures… (Check out; she’s awesome!) Anyway, much to my chagrin, she was enjoying the G5 experience over her Emac experience.

“Get up,” I said sweetly. She kept working. I meekly returned to the house to check my fantasy football scores before preparing for a class that I teach on Monday nights at Journey… The class is called “Biblical Mathematics: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.” It’s basically a biblical hermeneutics class. We’re using Duvall & Hayes book, Grasping God’s Word, as well as Blomberg’s Biblical Interpretation. It’s been a great class. I’m convinced that humble, informed biblical interpretation is one of the great needs in the postmodern church. I encourage every student of God’s Word to pick up one of the above books (GGW is the more readable). I hope to have Scott Duvall as a guest author here in the near future.

Back to the point
… over the last two weeks in this blog adventure of mine, I’ve felt rather “froggish” – leaping from one blog resource to another, not really knowing what I’m doing, but seeking to promote and link my site to as many as possible. I thought I would list a few sites I’ve found for those of you who are in the same boat- beginning blogging. It may help you as you blogfrog your way to syndication. (BTW, the term blogfrog has probably been used by others, but I am not aware of it.. I’m using it here in a ‘you-heard-it-here-first-maybe sense’ to mean the act of jumping between blogs, keeping up with your favorites… blogfrogging).

These are not listed in any particular order…
1. Make sure you set up your options in Typepad to offer a “Subscribe Link” and a “Syndicate” link. This will give sites and bloggers a way to connect to you better.
2. Go here after copying the link that shows up on your site’s RSS or .xml feed. Paste the link in the box on Feedburner. (On Typepad, view your page, and where it says “Subscribe” or something like that, command click(Mac)/right click(PC) and copy that link… Feedburner will help you promote and connect others to your site.
3. Go to,, and other major blog services and open up a free account. Name your blog, and post some basic info about yourself. Then as your first “Welcome” post, simply tell folks where your main blog is located. That way if someone is a member in that network and search for you, they can still find you.
4. Set up a free picture account at and post your blog’s address there. Especially if you use iPhoto for the Mac, it becomes amazingly simple to simply send an email with some pics to your flickr email account, and it will automatically post your photos for you on your blog!
5. Go to and set up your blog to be connected there.
6. More to come… but you have enough to keep you busy for a while.
7. I’d also encourage you to find a few well-done blogs whose subject matter/writers interest you and see who they recommend. After following them for a few days, subscribe to them. You’ll find that you’ll learn a lot from those who are ahead of you in the journey. Two blogs that have provided invaluable help and insight for me as technical resources as well as content inspiration and encouragement are:
a. – Justin Baeder’s site
b. – Kenny Tomlin’s site
c. – Matt Parker’s site.

Nuff said…

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