I just swung by Kenny Tomlin’s site to check out his latest, and was disappointed/empathetic upon discovering that this particular season of life for Kenny has killed his blog. Doggoneit. I really enjoyed his entries, and I’m sure he STILL has great observations and thoughts about life, but just can’t commit at present to blogging.

I’ve noticed a few other favorite blog sites slowing down dramatically. Matt’s Widebody Blog has lost weight, but thank goodness, Matt has kept on with the diet. He’s doing great, but his blog is not.

I wonder, as I’m sure many do, how many blogs die a day? It does take great discipline and creative thinking to successfully post insights that folks actually want to wade through. As of today, Notes from the Trail has almost reached 2000 hits since its beginning in late September. Ooooo.

Considering some blogs and sites have thousands of hits a day, that’s a little meager. Oh well. It’s refreshing for me, if for no one else.

I’ve always wanted to have a book published, and blogging has helped me discipline myself to write. So, I’m going to keep on keeping on for the time being.

But please send flowers to Kenny. And poke Widebody to see if he’s still breathing.

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