61pbpvOQJ2L._SY346_-194x300I’m privileged to be reading a preview copy of Michael Kelley’s soon-to-be-released book Boring. Here’s a quote from the opening that caught my eye:

What if the whole idea of “ordinary” is a myth? And what if a life of great importance isn’t found by escaping the details but embracing them? What if God actually doesn’t want you to escape from the ordinary, but to find signifi- cance and meaning inside of it?

Check out Michael’s blog entry describing the book here, and listen in as he explains who will benefit by reading it:

This book is for the stay-at-home mom and the office job dad. It’s for the regular church member and the ordinary citizen. It’s for the person who has ever looked at the seemingly mundane details of life and wondered if they are really doing anything that’s worthwhile. It’s for all of us ordinary people who are following an extraordinary God.

You can preorder Boring before its September 15 release here.

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