noplannotax.gifIt’s time to begin educating yourself on why our city leaders think that we desperately need to extend the one cent sales tax for another 15 years. The current ten year, one-cent tax expires this December, and the city council and various business leaders – most of whom own more property in Monticello than the rest of us can shake a stick at – are mobilizing in force to “educate” us on why we need to give them a guestimated $20-25 million over the next 15 years.

They can’t even accurately account for where the past 10 years of almost $15 million has been spent. Yet. They’re “working on it.”

Jason has thrown down the first gauntlet in this battle for the future of our community. Read his post and chime in.

I don’t think the LERG (Jason’s term for this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) understand just how dissatisfied the general public in our community is with the direction of things. Convincing 600 people in 1997 to vote for the tax then (300 voted against it) was a lot easier than trying to propagandize a more educated public with the advent of the internet and local blogs now. Information and facts travel fast now.

It’s time for you to get involved. Use your blogs and sites to help share your opinion, whether for or against the sales tax. I honestly believe that open dialogue will help our community. There are those that don’t.

Get involved. Research. Sound off. We really want to hear your two cents… before you lose one of them.

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