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Ye olde traditional Thanksgiving post

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving. A cultural moment that encourages gratitude. Here are the mile markers that have spurred gratitude in me this year.

Nuff Said: Tulsi Gabbard’s takedown of HRC, the ideal length of every social media post, the danger of expectations, the myth of dying Christianity, and Bad Lip Reading by Joe Biden

“Nuff Said” is a collection of articles that caught my eye on the interwebs. This entry includes politics, faith, social media and a life hack about unmet expectations. I’ve tossed in a video of bad lip reading by Joe Biden for free.

Reflections on Senegal

A few thoughts on my trip to Senegal, including a Mercy Ships tour and a walk with lions.

Discipleship Story: Phillip Slaughter

Phillip Slaughter is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Mansfield, Arkansas. He has been featured here on the blog before. He and his wife Rose are former students of mine from BCM days in Monticello, Arkansas. He also served… Continue Reading →

Calling a Facebook foul

What do you do when Facebook begins limiting your influence as a blogger? And then you face a wider problem of overall censorship and the intentional limitation of true, civilized dialogue?

Tim Cook doesn’t “Think Different”

Tim Cook is leading Apple to make all kinds of money. But is he thinking different?

Tired of Facebook defaulting to “Top Stories?”

Facebook. Ugh. Go away. But until you do, make it easier on us all. Back in 2012, I stumbled on some code to help fix what FB broke when you could no longer invite all your friends in a friend… Continue Reading →

Guest Blogger: The Best Job I Never Had

I asked Aaron Peck to write a guest blog about “The Best Job I Never Had.” This is his submission.

Wendy’s vs Five Guys

Many of you know that Wendy’s is my favorite fast-food place. In fact, there’s only one place that comes close to displacing it in my heart, and that’s the shining display of deliciousness at Golden Coral, but that’s another post… Continue Reading →

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