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A desire for viral

A couple of years back I was astonished to learn that one of the college students in our church had a YouTube video that had gone viral. It was a funny video of her coming off of anesthesia, and it… Continue Reading →

Nuff Said: Why does no one good want to run for President?

I don’t mean “run away.” Rather, we must urge our best and brightest to consider serving us, serving our nation, as leaders in politics.

2018… you were all over the place

I traditionally write posts in reflection of the previous year. As I’ve been reassessing my blogging lately (seems to happen at the turn of each year), I wonder if personal posts mean anything at all. For family and friends, it’s… Continue Reading →

Top Posts of 2018

It’s become a tradition on the blog to serve up for you at the turn of the year the posts that were most trafficked over 2018. Here they are: Cancer hiccups (Nov 15) This post details the discovery that my wife… Continue Reading →

Memorable December moments

On Christmas Eve, I usually write a reflective blog post. December 24 is also Carolyn’s birthday, and so we put Christmas on hold for a day and properly celebrate her birthday, making sure it’s not merged with Jesus’. 😉 This… Continue Reading →

Retiring a Giant

This past August, David James retired. He left a significant legacy for me and dozens of campus ministers and thousands of students over his years of service. It was in August of 1995 that he became my boss. Almost immediately, he became my mentor and friend.

Nuff said: Ode to Stan Lee

Stan Lee , creator of Marvel Comics, passed away today at age 95. Here’s my tribute.

On building a church called Northstar

It’s not every day that a church celebrates a groundbreaking AND a 15th anniversary on the same day. And what do you do when the pastor is scared too?

Nuff Said: A porn queen and Christians; a nation of depression; glutton-free churches and more good news from around the net

Nuff Said is a collection of articles from around the net that have made me look twice, think twice or shake my head twice.

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