Over the past week, the Chik-Fil-A controversy reached a fever pitch. Fox News Mike Huckabee suggested to his audience that those who like the embroiled chain should support them on Wednesday. In one astonishing day, the restaurant broke all sales records as people endured long lines for hours to express their appreciation to someone, really anyone in our culture, that would voice conviction and stand by it. CEO Dan Cathey’s “explosive” interview is here. I’d encourage you to read it.

The media were beside themselves with frustration, but it wasn’t that one day of sales that we should wonder about. There’s another day we should pay more attention to in reference to Chik-Fil-A. That day is Sunday. And if you want to eat a chicken sandwich combo then, you’ll have to go somewhere else, because CFA is closed on Sundays.

People know that.

What they may not know is that “in 2010 Chick-fil-A took the industry lead in average sales per restaurant, making an average of $2.7 million per restaurant in 2010.” (Source) Another profoundly powerful thought is the reality that CFA will be debt free by the end of 2012. (Source)

Just as a reminder: CFA has is open one day less a week than all its competitors. That’s 52 days a year that they’re closed. Almost two months less to make money than other restaurants. And yet, they’re leading their industry? They’re doing something right.

Wherever you stand on the hype of the past week, let us not pretend that CFA hasn’t operated all along by its values. From the beginning the Cathey family has communicated that CFA values are not morally neutral; rather, they are biblically grounded. CFA has been grilled this past week in a court of chickens. Their real beef is with their Creator, not Cathey. Because He will not bend or break, critics have attempted to turn up the heat on a restaurant owner.

On a more somber note, I’m greatly concerned with evangelical Christians in America who would buy a chicken sandwich rather than share the gospel of Christ’s love with someone verbally. One tweet I saw that spoke volumes: “Only in America would a culture war be fought over chicken sandwiches.”

Before you “Eat Mor Chikin” this week, consider whether you are willing to share and show the love of Jesus to your neighbor. It may reveal whether your faith is worth more than $4.99.


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