If you’re from LA (Lower Arkansas) and haven’t yet discovered the brown goodness brewing at the Coffee Bean, I want to urge you to make it a regular visit. Although a cup of the good stuff (like a flavored frappucino) will set back almost the same as a gallon of gas, you will enjoy spending your dollar the Coffee Bean far more than you will at the gas station.

The CB serves up a variety of gastro goodies, ranging from incredibly thick, delicious and uncommonly-flavored shakes to bagels, frozen hot chocolate, and lattes. It’s not just for cold-weather warm-ups. The CB offers just what you need to enjoy a freezing jolt for our intense summers.

Then there’s the owners. Richard and Vonda Russell are amazing people. Truly. Richard recently shared his testimony of God’s healing grace in his life at our church, and the atmosphere they’ve sought to carefully create at the CB is both faith and family-friendly. 

Throw in FREE WIFI, and you’ve got a coffee-lover’s and blogging junkie’s haven. I find myself “officing” at the CB 2-3 times a week and have met some wonderful friends through the CB that I would not have met if I hadn’t been “out and about.”

So, if you’re looking for the perfect cup of joe or a great cold treat, I recommend you put the Coffee Bean on your radar and make it a regular stop-off. 

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