I’m of the opinion of Lou when she says that tagging folks for blog entries is kind of like a chain letter. However, like a moth to flame, I can’t seem to be able to resist the lure.

Jenny tagged me for the latest. It’s “Five People and Why I Love Them.” Barf. So for testosterone purposes, I am amending the tag to be “Five People that I Don’t Mind Spending Five Hours With” because that sounds a little better. And hey, if you can spend five hours with someone and enjoy it, then that’s something, isn’t it?

Here are the rules:

You can’t use your spouse, or siblings for any of them. You have to tag 5, and the person that tagged you can’t be one of your choices.

So here goes:

  • Mitch Bettis – my college roomie and all-around great guy, best friend. Mitch has always “been there” for me and later for me and Caro. He knows more dirt on me than any human (besides Caro) and still likes me. (uh, I think…) He’s a man of immense integrity and earnestly tries to look at every situation from all angles.
  • Ryan Morgan – in spite of the fact that he once thought that I was a dork (please forgive him for that; he was young…), Ryan is a deeply authentic person. What you see is what you get. He has an incredible heart for people and is always growing in his faith. He has uncommon wisdom and is a great friend to me.
  • Jackie Flake – Jackie was the Baptist Collegiate Ministry Director at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff when I first met him, and we’ve been soul buddies ever sense. His knowledge of the scriptures and his ability to apply and strategically minister is humbling. I can always count on him for perspective, insight and wisdom. He is never afraid to ask the hard questions.
  • Neal Nelson – Neal is the BCM Director at Henderson State University though he was at Southern Arkansas Tech in Camden when we met. I could probably lump him and Ben Phillips into one person and get away with that, but the Lord brought the three of us into campus ministry at the same time and gave us a deep love and respect for one another. Neal has always helped me process my crazy church thoughts. He has a passion for seeing folks trust Christ that humbles me.
  • Ronny Williams – OK, besides the fact that he plays the drums, guitar, kazoo and radio better than anyone I know… Besides that he can make me laugh or cheer me up at a moment’s notice. Ronny is someone that I love being around. He has endless stories that are perfect fodder for a sitcom. He has a love for people and can bring quick, black-and-white perspective to any situation.

OK, for everyone feeling slighted… get over it. There are bunch more of you out there that I could spend five hours with and like it. Some of you come in at four and a half hours, but I still like you too.

No taggees here.

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