A few weeks ago, you may recall I recommended ServantBlog to you all in my “Off the Path” link. Noting that their philosophy of ministry and life is very close to that of Journey Church, I also emailed Andy White and suggested they submit their blogs to the 9Rules network for inclusion. The results are in, and after 700 submissions, 111 were chosen. Three of them belong to Andy and his compatriots at ServantBlog and EyesTurnedOutward. Make sure to check them out today!

You might also swing by 9Rules and check out the “Religious” Community there. There are some excellent blogs (and new friends) awaiting your discovery there.

I’m hoping to begin writing an online Bible study this week. If you’re interested in participating and want the link to it, comment here!

Many thanks to Andy White for linking here from his blog and from EyesTurnedOutward!

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