Great thoughts from whimzie:

We live in a world where with a few keystrokes and in a matter of seconds, people all over the world can know our opinion about anything we want to share. I’m sharing these thoughts of mine in a blog post so I’m as guilty as anyone else of adding my voice to the chorus of those who want to be heard. I just wonder if it’s become too easy to say what we think without thinking about the weight of our words. I have 1,007 Facebook “friends.” I can scroll through my “news” feed and read what many of them think about just about every popular topic of the day. But they aren’t all really all my friends and what they think about everything under the sun isn’t really “news.” We confuse our connectedness with relationship, but they aren’t the same. I read news stories and Twitter feeds and blogs and think I “know” these people, but I don’t. Not really. But somehow my lack of relationship doesn’t prevent me from labeling them as how I perceive them to be. I judge their actions and assign them worth according to who I think they are. It’s as if real people have been characters in my own little reality show.

Well worth reading the rest of the entry.

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