This post will be the featured post for a while as we
continue to raise money for the trip. Newer posts will be posted
underneath it.

: We all weighed in last night. I weighed 186. Two and a half measley pounds for the trip. I’m going to continue shooting for 180, but in the meantime, if you pledged money or would like to donate, please use the Tip Trough to the right or the Paypal button below.

We need about $800 by this Saturday, when the group leaves.

Update (7/06/06): We have received every bit of money we need for the trip!!!!! THANK YOU!


This is a before picture of me – before I started meeting
with the "Weight No More" group at Journey a couple of months ago. I
will post an after picture of me next Monday. Hopefully, I’ll look a
more like George Clooney in just under a week.

Several of us from Journey are traveling to Connecticut on July 8-14 to help Northeast Community Church
in Norwalk with their Vacation Bible School ministry. We’re excited
about being able to help another church, and they have already been so
kind and gracious to help us with lodging and meals while we’re there.

To help pay for the plane tickets (12 of us at $450/person), we’ve
had a church rummage sale, a burger & chicken cookout, a
photography special (donated by a Noble photo), and during the month of June, a few of us are doing a "Weight-a-thon."

The Weight-a-thon is basically an attempt to get people to donate a
certain amount for every pound lost during the month of June. I weighed
188.5 the first of June and am shooting for 180 by next Monday night.
It’s gonna be tough, because I went backwards this past week. Curses on
Layne’s Steakhouse this past weekend!

Here’s my appeal, however. If you’d like to
donate toward our trip, I ask that you use the Tip Trough in the far
right column or the donate button above. All tips received between now and July 8 will be applied
to the mission fund at Journey. I will also ensure you receive a tax
deductible contribution letter from Journey for your donation. Many
thanks in advance for your generosity. (You can also donate through Journey’s website.)

BTW, the photo was taken with Apple’s Photobooth software. Fun stuff!

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