This is a great article for someone like me who is considering the Kindle. Basically, I can’t afford it. And as the author points out, no matter how “cool” and wonderfully convenient it is, it will break your bank in the long run.

$400 for a device that could be obsolete in a a year or two. On top of that, kiss goodbye the ability to buy a used book for cents. Kindle’s software limitations (DRM) force you to buy digital books from the Amazon store for much more than what you’d pay for a used book.

Sigh. The technology is able, but the wallet is not.

In addition, my iPhone can download a free copy of Stanza, which is a ereader application. It has more than 100,000 books at present. However, it charges far more for digital books than Amazon does. (Compare Christopher Paolini’s Brisingr at $27.50 on Stanza to $9.99 on Amazon’s Kindle!)

The eBook world is just not there for me… yet. Maybe one day. I still enjoy holding a book – new or used in my hand and then reselling it after I’m done or adding it to my library. Since I underline meaningful passages often for easy reference, it would be hard to adjust to an electronic marking system (although the Kindle’s is remarkable).

I’d encourage you to watch this video on the Kindle and then tell me if you could be persuaded to change your reading habits for one of these devices. Let’s just say that you could afford a Kindle. Would you embrace one?

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