Windows. As an operating system, I’ve enjoyed jokes at users’ expense since 1988 – the year I became a computer user, and a Mac Plus was the happy recipient of my digital affection.

However, the crashing windows I’m dealing with now are not on a PC. In the past three months, 75% of my door windows on my 97 VW Jetta have broken.

I was dismayed last year when my AC compressor gave up he ghost, but I figured that I could get by since the climate is so mild in Blacksburg. I’ve apparently gloated too much about our wonderful weather, because my power window motors have broken in this order: passenger side front.. passenger side back.. driver side back.

When the first window broke, I had the shop block the window up so that it would just stay up. It wasn’t a big deal. When the next window slid into the door and refused to rise again, I had to make a decision. With no AC, anytime it’s wet outside, I have major fogging problems. With just two windows working on one side of the car, it was like a rain forest inside whenever it rained outside.

So, after much thought, I elected two weeks ago to have the front passenger window motor repaired. I now had three working windows again.

Last night, when I pulled in to the driveway, I rolled all three windows back up. Right after I turned off the car, I heard a “thunk.” In dismay, I whirled around to see my back driver side window slowly sliding into the door. Sigh.

It’s like Volkwagon had a shelf-life for window motors or something. I wonder what it is that made three of my window motors go kaput within 6 months. And of course, I don’t trust the life span of the remaining driver window now. Looks like other folks have had a similar problem with this model of VW.

I wish Apple made Windows… They would just work.

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