He’s the only person I know who is related to everyone in southeast Arkansas. When his cell phone rings, (and it’s usually an Arkansas fight song as his ringtone) he answers, "Cuzz! Wassup?!" I can only assume his family tree doesn’t fork. But aside from that, I

was thrilled to get to visit with Ben Coulter late last week. He stopped by the house to drop off some jpg’s for his new CD cover that he’s asked me to design. It will have a whopping 17 songs on it, all of them original. Wow!


Ben was a co-pastor or Journey a couple of years back before he left to pursue his music career. He is incredibly talented, genuine, and humble. He’s one of those guys who make you feel like you’re the most important person in the room. I continue to wish him the best.


If you’re looking for some great, original, country music "Delta style," you need to swing by his website and order one of his previous CDs, or get in line for the upcoming release of his new one.

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