I’ve gotten email and had conversations with lots of folks about the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie. Mostly, it seems that Christians in general are worried about this film perhaps swaying people… Interesting. I don’t believe it will.

Here’s an email text I recently sent to Brandi about it. She had forwarded me an email from a group organizing to combat the Da Vinci Code movie and its fallout.

You know…. I just don’t see it this way. I see this as another AWESOME example for us to dialogue with people about who Jesus really is. My hats are off to the media and Hollywood. Every opportunity they take to demean Jesus really gives His people added opportunity to glorify Him and present the truth in love.

I actually plan on seeing it as soon as I can so I can be somewhat knowledgeable about how to dialogue with folks. An excellent resource to put into people’s hands is the Case for Christ.

What an amazing day and age we live in… do you realize how often Jesus has been the focal point of Hollywood and the media? Perhaps they should start realizing that it’s not the church that’s obsessed with Jesus (to our shame), but it’s the people producing these things.

Perhaps if we who are lovers and followers of Christ Jesus were consistently and lovingly proclaiming His message of forgiveness, restoration, and hope through faith, our world would not be forced to listen to alternating voices?

Just ramblin’.

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