Adelyn and I went out on a daddy-daughter date the other night. I was already parked at Barnes & Noble doing some reading that afternoon, so Adelyn said she’d text me when she left the house so I could meet her at the restaurant for supper. Here’s how the text sequence went down:

  • Adelyn: Let’s do Sakura (4:28 p.m.)
  • jeff-adelynAdelyn: I’ll be there at like 5 (same time, she can’t just keep typing a text, she has to send multiple entries and blow up my phone)
  • Adelyn: Gonna put some makeup on (same time)
  • Me: OK (4:29 p.m.) Notice how succinct and precise I am.
  • Adelyn: About to leave (4:54 p.m.)
  • Me: 👍🏻 (4:55 p.m.)
  • Adelyn: Gotta take some selfies first. (4:55 p.m.)
    I roll my eyes and keep reading for about 15 minutes to allot for her randomness and travel and then leave B&N to head over to the restaurant.
  • Adelyn: Leaving now (5:03 p.m.)
  • Me: What are you serious???!!! (5:04 p.m.) This may have been said in exasperation, given that I’d already left B&N. I had given up a completely good cup of coffee and was now waiting at the restaurant. I had mistimed her selfie shoot and travel.
  • Adelyn: Yes (5:04 p.m.)
  • Adelyn: Earlier I said about to leave (5:05 p.m.) Again, multiple texts to say one thing. Now she judos me with a technicality.

She eventually arrived, properly decked out, and I attempted to snap a selfie of us. The shot at right was all I got. #selfiefail

This is why the video below (thanks, Maggie Duggins) made me LOL ASAP without even having to RSVP:


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