blogs.jpgMy Bloglines list continues to wax and wane, with the addition of new blogs I find and the deletion (sometimes temporary) of other blogs that either slack off , or honestly, bore me. However, there have been a few blogs that have made my daily read list for a while now, and I wanted to offer them to you for two purposes:

  1. You might discover one that makes your daily blog list.
  2. I want you to comment on the blogs that are on your daily list. (Then perhaps I’ll find some that I was not aware of that will be added to my daily list.)

And without further ado:

Trails I Follow Regularly:

This is not an exhaustive list, and I may add more later, but this should at least get us going. Also, for a fuller list of blogs that I follow occasionally, check out the Trails tab up top.

On this day...

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