Within the last week, we’ve sold our 2002 Toyota Sequoia, and we’ve bought a 2001 Toyota Prius. We are decelerating in our desire to save on gas and have no car payments. It’s become pretty apparent in the last months that it’s doable but difficult to be a one-car family in Blacksburg/Christiansburg – especially with kids that have softball and baseball games in different towns on the same day.

The Prius is pretty remarkable in that it has gotten 45+ mpg in just the few days we’ve driven it. We’re in process of replacing a fender on it since it was in a wreck previously, but overall, we’re extremely happy with it. The purchase has made me rather venturesome as we begin shopping for another car.  My new car litmus test is that it needs to be in the $3000 neighborhood, have good consumer reviews, and, well, drive.

After our recent purchase, I’ve even found myself looking at salvage cars on Ebay. Do any of you have experience with cars like that?

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