Denial. When it’s a river in Egypt, it conjures up placid boat roads and dusty history. When it’s in reference to an appeal for a PET scan to Anthem, it’s not cool. We got the word yesterday (Friday) that Anthem had officially denied our oncologist’s appeal of their initial denial of a PET scan for Carolyn. For a quick catch-up, see this entry.

Within minutes (literally), Carolyn was on the phone to her oncologist’s office in Little Rock, and through an amazing set of circumstances, was able to have a massive conference call with his office, with Baptist Medical Center in Little Rock, and her mom. The result? They were able to immediately schedule Carolyn for a PET scan first thing Monday morning at Baptist Medical Center and an appointment with her oncologist that afternoon. This all took place while I was in Lynchburg for the Kairos Leadership Initiative’s launch weekend.

I was able to make it back from Lynchburg on Saturday and see her for a few moments before she and Sam left to go to Charlotte so she could make her flight out tomorrow morning.

giveforwardAs frustrated as we are about the insurance company and the realities of our current politicized healthcare system, the greater reality is that due to the amazing generosity, prayers and support of family and friends, we are now paying for the necessary PET scan from funds that have been given! That enables us to proceed to the next step (delayed for a month due to Anthem) in the discovery process, so that the doctors can understand what Carolyn’s lymphatic system is doing and the best course of treatment.

We continue to rejoice and be humble by how friends and family are helping us not just with the PET scan but with our medical debts (a lot!) through the GiveForward campaign. We can’t thank them enough for their initiative in launching the campaign and for those of you who have prayed for us, given and/or shared it on social media.

So at this point, we’d simply like to ask that if you’re willing, please continue to pray (or begin to). For whatever reason, the insurance company route did not pan out, but we are simply rejoicing at provision that has allowed us to move forward with the PET scan and seeking a prognosis. We are not discouraged, and we attribute that to God’s work in our hearts through the prayers and love of so many.

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