In this day of Diet Coke, Diet Snapple, Diet This & That, we also have Diet Preachers. These are guys who refrain from preaching "the whole counsel of God." They are all about wealth, health, happiness, goodness, and stuffed animals. Now, there’s nothing wrong with any of these things, but they are only one part of life. There is also hardship, illness, suffering, death, trials and PC computers.

We should not hesitate to hold any of today’s Christian celebrity preachers accountable to God’s revealed word. When they cannot give clear answers to those who ask them about their faith or the hope they have in Christ, there is a significant problem. For example, Joel Osteen, pastor of 30,000 member Lakewood Church, was interviewed by Larry King and waffled throughout the interview, failing to articulate clearly anything. Read the transcript of the interview for yourself.

Dan Phillips has a commentary about this interview and says that at one point Osteen had posted a letter of apology on his ministry site, but it is no longer there.

In this day of muddled theology, there are many who have embraced new ways of thinking that are actually old ways of doing heresy. Let’s hold all our Christian "heroes" to the standard of truth as revealed in God’s Word. That will also require us all to be better students and devotees to the scriptures. Now is not the time for mass biblical illiteracy. The Word of God is the hope of salvation to all who believe.

Don’t diet. God’s Word is a banquet for the starving. Fatten up.

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