I’ve been a fan of Scott Adams for a long time. He’s the creator of Dilbert. Not only does he draw one of the funniest comic strips ever, but he also finds time (daily) to blog. On top of that, he responds to emails personally. Wow. Considering that many of his blog entries will have 300+ comments, that’s amazing.

N-E-WHO, Scott has been blogging in recent days about religion. In today’s entry, he asks how people know which prophets are legitimate and which ones are looney tunes. I don’t think Scott claims any particular faith, but his blog has provoked some amazing, fresh, and respectful dialogue.

Hats off to Scott, for presenting such honest questions on his blog and being willing to provide a forum for many different view points to interact. The Truth is out there…

BTW… there’s a great interview on Souldish of the Ebay Atheist...

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